Hygiene has always been and will always remain of paramount importance at MBA – My Body Art. All of our piercers and tattoo artists obtained an official hygiene and sanitation diploma. This is mandatory in order to carry out their profession on our premises.

All floors and surfaces in our shops are sanitized every day with anti-bacterial products.
The current global situation has prompted us to further strengthen our hygiene rules in order to face the virus. Thus, all of our employees wear masks and have visors and gloves at their disposal. Reception area, counters, TPEs, pens and other necessary tools for handling jewelry in the reception area, are regularly disinfected. A glass barrier is now installed on the counter, in order to further limit the risk of contamination. Our employees disinfect their hands even more regularly than before.

In the studios, a cleaning process is carried out between each client and anti-bacterial products are used to disinfect the seats (in addition to changing the examination sheets). The studios are continuously ventilated to renew the air inside. Piercers are able to perform nose and mouth piercings through the use of FFP2 masks. Tattoo artists also use these masks when they need to adopt a working posture that oblige them to be very close to the face of a client.

Everyone is doing their part and we are also counting on you to abide by the official regulations and to respect the barrier gestures. Thus, wearing a mask is mandatory in the store for all customers over 11 years old. An automatic hand sanitizing gel dispenser has been installed at the entrance of each MBA establishment so that you can disinfect your hands upon arrival.

We prefer credit card payments in order to limit all contacts. We now accept card payments as low as € 1 and contactless payments up to € 50. However, you can still pay in cash.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment and prepare you valid ID.