Freehand Piercing

Our piercers are trained to work with a method called ‘’freehand’’ and they use “needle blades”. This technique can be used to perform almost every piercing (with some exceptions). The freehand method is simpler and more precise and it avoids in particular the use of pliers. The piercing experience has never been so comfortable: the blades are sharper than conventional catheters and the skin is no longer crushed thanks to the absence of clamps. In addition, the diameter of the blades is exactly the same as the one of the jewelry that we’ll put in. This gentle technique will allow optimal and faster healing. You will be delighted with the results!


Titanium is the most hypoallergenic metal there is. It is very often used in body prosthesis or medical procedures. Therefore, the best and most effective way to minimize the risk of allergies is the use of titanium piercings. Titanium is also less heavy than steel (the metal most commonly used for piercings), at almost 50% lighter. The weight of the piercing jewelry is important, as the lighter is the material, the faster is the healing.

In addition, titanium is as strong (if not stronger) as many other metals. To be more precise, it is 30% stronger than steel and 30 times stronger than gold. Therefore, the piercing jewelry won’t be deformed over time and it will be possible to reuse it once the piercing has healed.


Our piercing jewelry has an internal screw-in system (placed inside the barbell). This system allows to limit the contact with the skin during the procedure. Wearing the piercing jewelry is more comfortable, even during the healing period. Our piercers can now use piercing jewelry that have the same diameter as the blade used for piercing the skin. The risk of injury and the pain is therefore limited, allowing optimal healing.


Our wide range of piercing jewelry allows you to choose THE style you love! This is excellent news since we know some piercings can take up to one year to heal completely.

There is an option for everyone: classic titanium, golden, rhinestone, jeweled titanium, etc.

Tips +: The barbells are interchangeable, just replace the ball to have a different style!